Featherweight Martingale Collar

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Small (1"): 9-14" Neck

Medium (1.5"): 12-19" Neck

Large (1.5"): 14-22" Neck

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Our new martingale is made with a bright smooth flat webbing and aluminum hardware for a super lightweight walking experience. Extra perks: a glow-in-the-dark rubber label and separate ID attachment. Stripes are made up of fleece colors for a stylish coordinating effect, Plaids and Leopard match perfectly.

Aren't familiar with the Martingale style? The first loop looks like a traditional collar that is adjustable and hangs around the dog’s neck. The second is for control when the leash is attached. When the dog pulls, the collar tightens and will stay snug around your dog’s neck. When the tension is released, the collar loosens again. This distributes pressure more evenly for comfort plus prevents those wily pups from slipping out.

Size Small features a 1" webbing

Sizes Medium and Large feature a 1.5" webbing

Sizing: Small 9"-14" Neck

Sizing: Medium 12"-19" Neck

Sizing: Large 14"-22" Neck

Recommended For: dogs with large necks and smaller heads, preventing slipping out or backing out of the collar, controlling your dog safely as it's a much gentler substitute for prong or choke collars.

Coordinates with: Matches our Featherweight Leash, Featherweight Harness and Featherweight Hound Collar. The colors coordinate with our Stretch Fleeece, Double Fleece and Onesies. 

Cleaning Instructions: A little 10 minute soak in the sink or a bucket with warm water and a bit of laundry detergent works great! Give it a good rinse and hang it to dry.

Proudly made in Minnesota, USA!

Textile Details:
Flat polyester webbing, 1" width is 100% recycled.