Featherweight Hound Collar

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A martingale-style collar for the tender pups out there! Built with cushy spacer mesh and lined with our beloved Stretch Fleece, this is our softest collar to date. The martingale loop prevents any wily hounds from slipping out of their collar and further distributes pressure around the collar instead of just the front. Black aluminum D rings are weightless and the reflective piping keeps you visible. What more does a thin-skinned dog need?
Recommended for: dogs with larger necks and smaller heads (sighthounds anyone?), preventing slipping out or backing out of the collar, thin-coated dogs.
Coordinates with: Matches our Featherweight Leash. The fleece padding matches our Stretch Fleece, Double Fleece, Onesies, Leggings, Human Wraps, and Scrunchies.
Cleaning Instructions: A little 10-minute soak in the sink or a bucket with warm water and a bit of laundry detergent works great! Give it a good rinse and hang it to dry. You can also machine wash with cold water, ideally placing the collar in a pillowcase or mesh laundry bag. Hang to dry. Make sure it’s completely dry before putting it back on your dog.
Sizing: Measure around both your dog's head and neck, both measurements need to fall into the below range for this style to work as intended.
XSmall - 9 - 11"
Small - 12-14"
Medium - 14.5 - 18"
Large - 18.5 - 22"

Proudly made in Minnesota, USA!

Textile Details:
The body of this style is made with spacer mesh lined with our signature stretch fleece. The webbing is flat smooth, 100% recycled polyester.