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GoldPaw is teaming up with our friends at Uh Huh Honey to bring your pets all the goodness of CBD honey! In our humble opinion, which is our own, we think this is the single most effective delivery system both for giving our pets CBD and for extracting the full range of benefits.
Full spectrum CBD has been shown to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that can help relieve chronic pain, offset anxiety, and help protect against neurological disease. Our CBD can be given daily or as needed in times of added stress.
The magic of this honey comes from how it’s made. BeeFuse Technology™ uses a new patented process that teaches the bees to feed on organic hemp the nectar, naturally passing through the bees’ digestive system delivering a single-ingredient raw honey rich in highly bioavailable, full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes without the use of chemical extraction
The happy, free-range bees do not have an endocannabinoid system and, therefore, do not feel the effect of cannabis when ingesting organic hemp. The BeeFuse Technology™ allows nature to enhance nature, delivering fast-acting cannabinoids in a natural single ingredient, raw honey.
Honey is the perfect CBD microdosing delivery system for pets. They'll love the taste, allowing you to avoid the dreaded medication time. Not only does Uh Huh Honey taste great but our innovative microdose solution offers increased bioavailability with lower-dosed cannabinoids designed to safely provide CBD to your small pet without creating unnecessary toxicity to the liver. 
With the 7 gram Uh Huh Honey pump, you are able to give an accurate dose of honey every time. Use the pump to feed directly to your pet or add it to their food for a sweet treat!
Recommended dose: 2 pumps after each meal.
For wholesale orders please email us at wholesale@goldpawseries.com
This product is not recommended for pets with diabetes as they may have trouble regulating their sugar levels. When microdosing Uh Huh Honey, you are microdosing natural sugars at low levels. Please consult your veterinarian prior to use.
Pets under 1 year of age have not fully developed their immune system. Our honey goes through full lab testing including for Botulism. Some vets still do not recommend raw honey has botulism spores can develop.
Always consult your veterinarian prior to introducing a new food or medication to your pet.

*Due to the nature of this product, it cannot be shipped outside of the United States. Any international orders placed will be cancelled and refunded.

Starting 11/1/22 this product cannot be shipped to Idaho. Any Idaho orders placed will be cancelled and refunded.