Sun Shield Tee

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Our Sun Shield Tee is silky soft, lightweight stretch jersey with a UPF-50 rating that blocks 98% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. It is not a chemical treatment - it's a mechanical quality of the yarn so the protection won't diminish with washing. Super comfortable indoors and out and perfect for all sorts of applications beyond sun protection too: skin conditions, wound care, topical medications, works great as an anti-anxiety calming aid that can be worn all day.

They really reduce heat absorption too: We tested our black Lab, Luke, out in the sun with an infrared thermometer gun and found his fur was more than 40 degrees cooler under the Tee than without – it’s wearable shade! Want extra cooling? Get it wet and your pup can enjoy the evaporative cooling effect!

Recommended For: Sun protection, regulating body temperature, indoor wear, outdoor wear, protecting skin conditions or wounds, mild anxiety, increasing cuteness

Wear Tip: The center chest seam is designed to be on the outside – we want pets to enjoy maximum comfort, especially in that tender area.

Harness Help: These close fitting pullovers are perfect worn under a harness, with no adjustment needed. No fussing with ill-placed harness openings in this snuggy wonder! Plus, wearing this under a harness has an added benefit of reducing or eliminating chaffing!

Washing Instructions: Machine wash warm, tumble dry low or hang to dry.

Proudly made in the USA!

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Size Chart

Size Girth Weight Example
2 6 - 9" 1 - 2 lbs Chihuahua puppy
4 8 - 12" 2 - 4 lbs Teacup Chihuahua
6 10- 14" 3 - 5 lbs Yorkie
8 12 -17" 4 - 6 lbs Maltese
10 14 - 20" 6 - 9 lbs Min Pin
12 16 - 22" 8 - 13 lbs Mini Dachshund
14 18 - 24" 12 - 18 lbs Jack Russell Terrier
16 20- 26" 16 - 26 lbs Cocker Spaniel
18 22 - 28" 24 - 40 lbs Whippet
20 24 - 30" 35 - 55 lbs Vizsla
22 26 - 32" 40 - 60 lbs Pit Bull
24 28 - 34" 50 - 75 lbs Boxer
26 30 - 36" 65 - 90 lbs Greyhound
28 32 - 38" 75 - 95 lbs German Shepherd
30 34 - 40" 85 - 100 lbs Great Dane

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5 stars Jenn @fierce_freya  •  July 9, 2019

The sun shield tee is an amazingly soft, stretchy, light n comfy fabric. One of my girls is a dark color n loves to sit in the sun.

This is perfect to protect her sensitive skin while out sunbathing and/or on a hike.

We will be purchasing another for my other girl. We are very pleased with this product.


5 stars Brenda •  July 1, 2017

I am SO grateful for Gold Paws! My 16 old cocker spaniel (Sam) was very recently diagnosed with a rare terminal cancer. Within just a few days she began loosing a good portion of her fur & skin infections have begun ravaging her body. I needed something immediately to protect her from the sun & and help keep her wounds guarded from every day elements. I was lucky enough to find Gold Paws Sun shirt. Sam has disliked any type of clothing her entire life until I put her sun shirt on. She took to it immediately! I’m thrilled this shirt is able to give her some peace & comfort. The material is so soft & silky and is very light weight. It fits her perfectly and best of all, protects her from the sun and helps guard her wounds.The shirt has flexibility for when she’s on the move or taking a nap; it’s not tight against her body. I’m also very grateful that priority shipping is an option. I needed something quick and they delivered. Thank You Gold Paws for offering such a terrific product! You’re a lifesaver!

5 stars Henry B •  June 18, 2017

Bought a sun shirt for my pointer mix rescue who has alopecia. Not only does it protect him from the sun, but he LOVES to roll so it protects him from scratches….and a little extra dirt. It hold it’s shape when wet. The arm seams are a little tattered thanks to some great times at the dog park, but no complaints otherwise. I’m back to buy the gray for less rambunctious occasions. Any thoughts on a blaze orange color for hunting season?

5 stars Louisa •  May 26, 2017

I bought one of the fleece shirts for my 14 year old 5 lb Yorkie a few years ago. He loved it and was no longer happy with his sweaters in the winter. In fact he would fight putting on a sweater but gave kisses for getting his fleece on. Over the past couple of years we ordered several of the fleece shirts in various colors and gradually got rid of his sweaters. When the weather warms up he is too hot in the fleece but still likes the comfort of a shirt. I tried t-shirts but was looking for some other option. The sun shield shirt fit the bill. I ordered one to try it and my Yorkie was so happy with it I’m ordering more this year. I just wish there were more colors. His wardrobe is extensive and now all Gold Paw. Excellent quality, great service and an overall pleasure to deal with.

5 stars A.J.  •  May 24, 2017

My dogs all wear your fleece shirts in winter and cold but I needed something the poodles especially could wear for protection after grooming in warm weather. These are perfect and also protect their skin for those times they are sporting extra short shaved styles so they won’t get sunburned as they are white or cream colored fair dogs.

5 stars Julie •  March 25, 2017

These T’s are the greatest. I have a part Boston Terrier, part Chinese Crested and he has no fur on his body and burns easily. I live in Dallas so we get a lot of sun and hot weather. These T’s are perfect for Sherman. So soft and well made. Have them in all colors. I actually think he loves wearing them! He gets cold in the A/C and this is enough to give him a little warmth inside. Love they are made in USA. Highly recommend.

5 stars Audey Curtis •  November 28, 2016

I have purchased several of these sun tees (as well as several other products in the gold paw product line) and I could not be more pleased with them. My 7 year old Pomeranian has alopecia x and has no hair on his back. These shirts and fleece pullovers are perfect for protection from the sun in warm climates and keeping him warm in cold conditions. I will buy more and recommend this wonderful collection for any pet owner.

5 stars Chris Carter •  September 29, 2016

OK, here is a testimonial you’ll love. I rescued a badly abused Louisiana Catahoula mix a few years ago; sadly she was likely tortured by dog fighters: the skin along the length of her spinal column was intentionally and completely peeled off (due to boiling grease or acid, my vet speculates). She will never have hair on her back again, and her skin is very sensitive to sunburn, cuts, abrasions, etc. I have searched for 3 years to no avail in an effort to find a well-made, snug-fitting shirt that doesn’t also choke her or cause further irritation (she is a muscular, big neck and chested 65 pounder). At a local mom n’ pop pet store I FINALLY discovered your amazing fleece shirts, but still needed something lighter for our mega-hot Alabama summers. I am happy to report that your Sun Shield Tees are PERFECT! Thank you so much for making the best summer shirt that Kali could ever hope for. Since she has exposed pink skin along her back, the UPF 50+ protection is a Godsend. Please let me know if you decide to (heaven forbid) discontinue it, as I will raise $ to buy a lifetime inventory for her. Again, THANK YOU!!!!

5 stars Connie S  •  September 23, 2016

I ordered the Sun Shield Tee for my mixed breed dog Daisy. The Tee is made very professionally, the material is wonderful and the colors are great. I like that all materials are made in the U.S.A. and all production is done here too. Daisy seems very comfortable and happy in her Sun Shield Tee! Thank you!