Stretch Fleece

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Beware of imitations - our superb year-round popover fleece is the best you’ll find anywhere! This is truly a fantastic and useful garment that you’ll reach for over and over again. The GoldPaw Stretch Fleece contains recycled polyester and spandex for 4-way stretch. The finish is unbelievably soft, like velvet. It’s a piece of cake to put on and moves with your dog, making it the most comfortable coat around. Washes like a dream!

Recommended For: Indoor wear, outdoor wear, liners under heavy coats, protecting skin conditions or wounds, mild anxiety, keeping weight on senior animals, and calming puppies.

Wear Tip: The center chest seam is designed to be on the outside – it’s a hefty seam and we wanted pets to enjoy maximum comfort especially in that tender area.

Harness Help: These close fitting pullovers are perfect when worn under a harness, with no adjustment needed. No fussing with ill-placed harness openings in this snuggy wonder! Plus, wearing this under a harness has an added benefit of reducing or eliminating chaffing!

Washing Instructions: Machine wash warm, tumble dry low or hang to dry.

New colors/prints: Hunter Green, Cornflower Blue, Summer Mod and Winter Mod shipping now!

Proudly made in the USA!

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Size Chart

Size Girth Weight Example
2 6 - 9" 1 - 2 lbs Chihuahua puppy
4 8 - 12" 2 - 4 lbs Teacup Chihuahua
6 10- 14" 3 - 5 lbs Yorkie
8 12 -17" 4 - 6 lbs Maltese
10 14 - 20" 6 - 9 lbs Min Pin
12 16 - 22" 8 - 13 lbs Mini Dachshund
14 18 - 24" 12 - 18 lbs Jack Russell Terrier
16 20- 26" 16 - 26 lbs Cocker Spaniel
18 22 - 28" 24 - 40 lbs Whippet
20 24 - 30" 35 - 55 lbs Vizsla
22 26 - 32" 40 - 60 lbs Pit Bull
24 28 - 34" 50 - 75 lbs Boxer
26 30 - 36" 65 - 90 lbs Greyhound
28 32 - 38" 75 - 95 lbs German Shepherd
30 34 - 40" 85 - 100 lbs Great Dane

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5 stars Theo.The.Poodle.Boy Louisa B •  March 5, 2020

We love our stretch fleece garment; it is so soft, perfectly warm, and allows for complete range of motion and movement for active dogs! Theo wears his stretch fleece hiking with his buds or just shopping with mom! This garment is easy to wash - no fuss or special requirements needed. Very stylish and comfortable! We highly recommend this garment!

5 stars @ollieallday Kathy •  January 7, 2020

We have several different products. The fleece is are absolute favorite. We wish we had one in every color. The all over stretch makes putting it on and off super easy and comfortable. Love the perfect fit. Other shirts or fleeces hang low on the belly and get peed on. We will and have recommended these to ll our friends.

5 stars Bentley_the_cattledogmix Kristen •  December 20, 2019

This stretch fleece is great for layering during the cold winters here in Colorado. It fits great under a harness for chilly walks in the winter. Also, it is easy to put on, super soft, and comfortable. The fabric keeps its shape after wearing it for a long time which is awesome. Such a great product!

5 stars Julia •  December 9, 2017

I’ve got a Border Collie, Great Dane, and Goldendoodle. and I purchased a stretch fleece for each of them. Even though they are all very different sizes and body types the fleece still fits snug and comfortably. They have every size you could need, I can usually never find stuff that will fit my 150 pound Great Dane! My dogs can lounge at home in them or run like crazy at the dog park no problem. I’ve already sent all my friends this way and I am ordering three more for my pups! 11/10 would recommend this product!

5 stars Kristen C. •  October 26, 2017

Great lightweight, super soft layer for these cool fall mornings. I usually have a hard time finding shirts to fit my dog but this is a perfect fit. The stitching is also stretchy so the chest/arm holes don’t dig into her legs like many other tees do. My 60 pound pittie (18” neck 29” chest 22” long) is a size 20.

5 stars Carole •  October 9, 2017

My 22 pound terrier mix Daisy had a tumor removed from her side and has a 6″ incision that needed covering and protecting. Vet said get a kid’s tshirt but that idea bombed. I bought a Sun Tee for her and its perfect, but best of all, no Cone of Shame! Lightweight, and just snug enough to keep her from chewing her stitches. Now I’m back buying fleece shirts for winter. Great product!

5 stars Mary Gibbs •  July 19, 2017

Our Aussie (a 11 month old) puppy had surgery on our side to remove a tumor. ‘The incision was about 5 inches. As soon as we put the Sun tee on she immediately relaxed, and 11 days later still does not lick it.

5 stars Carol •  July 1, 2017

I purchased a black fleece for my 70 lb. Black Mouth Cur mix. We live in Florida, so I really don’t need a heavy coat and this is perfect. We also don’t have a lot of cold days, so I’m trying to come up with an excuse to buy more of them!

5 stars Laina Richter •  April 4, 2017

Bought four of these for our two rescues (beagle and terrier mix) at a new store in NYC (Columbus Circle subway station!), where we live. They are PERFECT for winter layering or just an extra bit of warmth for the fall. They wash easily, are super convenient to put on and take off, and really do keep their little bodies warm (which you can feel when you take them off even after a long walk in the winter cold). They’re ridiculously simple, comfortable (no straps, hardware, only soft seams that you can put on the outside if preferred). Thanks so much for making these! And in the US, too:)

5 stars Bambi  •  March 16, 2017

What can I say that hasn’t already been said? It is the BEST little ‘coat’ I have found. Incredibly comfortable for my 8lb poodle. Any prior coats/sweaters left her unable to move—literally. She wouldn’t walk or move in them. Put on her new fleece, and she was instantly running and playing. Have just ordered a second one. This really is THE BEST jacket we have found in ten years. Thank you!

5 stars Denise •  January 25, 2017

Our kids bought this for our 7yr old Rott/Hound mix for Christmas. She doesn’t have a thick coat and gets super cold at night (haha…even though we live in California) She doesn’t complain when we put it on and she’s able to move, run, curl up and sleep with no issues. She sleeps so much better now. No velcor or stiff materials….its AWESOME!!

5 stars Janet Weisenborn •  January 8, 2017

Have 2 of the red plaids. Sorry to say I also spent big $$ buying from “dog” catalogs, etc., and those products are disappointing on a variety of levels. All of them! I just went back to my Gold Paws red plaid fleece today, and the dogs are happy, I’m happy, and I’m ordering 2 more. They are literally the only light coat that STAYS PUT once you get it on, which is so very easy. Most importantly, both dogs get tons of comments from passerbys as to how stylish they look. My 100+ lb lab didn’t want to take it off when we got home–had to run her down! I’m so glad I found the tiny label so that I could order more.

5 stars Karen •  December 31, 2016

I purchased one of these from or local pet food store. I have a French Bulldog. I now have one in red, orange, green and a lost one in purple. I am going to order more. The store doesn’t carry them anymore. They are perfect for outdoor cool fall days and all day in the house during winter. No complaints from the dog. She actually lifts her front legs to help when getting dressed : )

5 stars Cheryl Devendorf •  December 6, 2016

I ordered one for my Schnoodle Bentley and have received it, we both LOVE it, since we live in Colorado I wanted something to keep him warm by its self or layered this fits the bill. the size 10 fits perfect and the stretch is Awesome!!!! easy on and off he’s active and this moves with him, not restraining at all. Love it!!!! 10 stars!!!

5 stars Daria •  October 29, 2016

I bought a double fleece for dog on our winter trips to the snow. I love this product! The stretchiness helps to keep its shape whilst providing a warm and cosy protection from the cold and snow. Plus I love that the double fleece is reversible.

5 stars Kate (and Marlowe too) •  July 7, 2016

I have an 8lb mini dachshund and this is by far the best fitting, best feeling little coat! Marlowe loves it and gets excited when we pull it out for her to wear, which is quite often, because we live in chilly San Francisco. It fits her long little body perfectly and we can’t wait to have a little collection for her dog closet.

5 stars Pat •  March 28, 2016

This shirt/coat is the best. I needed something for my senior JRT Bella and this fleece shirt works perfectly. She can wear it around the house and stay comfortable. Just what I was looking for.

5 stars Dorothy •  February 18, 2016

I did not know I could get these great stretchy fleece pullovers directly from here! NOW I KNOW…..YAY!!!! I purchased elsewhere and FINALLY something that fits my COLLIE!!!! he loves them for pajamas….he does not want to take them off…he looks GREAT in the RED!!!! from now on I will purchase from gold paws!

5 stars Kacie •  February 4, 2016

I got one for my American Bulldog/Pit mix and she loves it. It keeps her just the right temperature and it moves so well when she wears it. Not to mention the fashion statement she makes when we go out. I want one of my own!

5 stars Priscilla •  January 20, 2016

I bought this in November for my Standard Poodle, Angus. He is going through chemotherapy, and has lost at least 50% of his beautiful, black coat. I wanted something that he could wear most of the time inside the house and on chilly days outside. This is exactly what I wanted. He loves it! It retains it’s shape after repeated washes, and is even softer…if that’s possible. I am back to order the Duluth Double Fleece, as the temperature has dipped!

5 stars Delphine •  November 6, 2015

Excellent products & company. We highly recommend them : )

5 stars Ethel •  October 29, 2015

I just bought my first stretch fleece for my Havanese at an adorable shop in Blue Ridge GA “Love Dogs and Cats Too.” It’s the best fitting and most comfortable sweater I have found for Halle. I love it so much and am ordering more for winter. I’m thrilled to have found these and would highly recommend them!!!

5 stars Susan L. •  October 5, 2015

I live in Wisconsin where the winters can get very cold. I’ve been looking for a ‘sweater’ that would keep my chihuahua’s warm. Found the Gold Paw Series store while searching the internet. I wasn’t sure that these pet garments would be any better than other companies I bought from. Decided to try them anyway, as I wasn’t happy with the others.
I initially bought a few of these for my smallest chihuahua, he loves it!! The fit is perfect, doesn’t bind his legs and keeps him warm. The fabric is soft, stretches, easy to get on and off. (The Gold Paw size chart is accurate.) I’ve now ordered additional fleece ‘sweaters’ for my other two dogs. This is a Great product. So Very happy I found you!!!

5 stars Kellie •  October 3, 2015

Amazing! So easy to put on my Pug puppy which is obviously something I look for in apparel. Easy to put her big head through, & she has room to grow. Oh, & unlike everything else, they are long enough to cover her hind end & they cover her belly! I love that there aren’t any zippers, pulls, etc, & I can layer them and still have plenty of room for her harness. I also use these under her jackets, vests, & snow suits…she is a very cold Puggy! I purchased the purple/pink plaid, the fusia, & the leopard. The print fleece is as stated & not as stretchy & kinda scratchy. Won’t order one of those again, but I’m back to purchase two more stretchy fleeces. Also, love how the neck comes up high & helps prevent chafing when wearing her Velcro jackets. For reference: my Pug puppy is 10lbs, 11″ neck, 15″ chest, & is 12″ from neck to tail, & got her the 12. Perfect fit.

5 stars Allie Kloster •  September 1, 2015

It’s nice & stretchy so it’s an easy fit and I don’t feel bad pulling it on or off my dog. It’s lightweight so it’s breathable but also will be perfect for a cool day walk. This is an absolute great buy for all size of dogs – again – I LOVE that they don’t discriminate here and they offer a full range of sizes. The sizing chart online helps give a recommendation of sizing and they do also say to go down one size. I chose a Size 18 on my 30 lb mix pup and you can see it fits nice with a little bit of (growing) room!

5 stars Cheryl Babineau •  July 8, 2015

I have pembroke corgis and these are perfect with their short legs but large long bodies. I use them after a bath to keep them warm as they dry. I am ordering another one

5 stars Vicki  •  May 23, 2015

No one has mentioned the best part! Keeps the “low” dog’s chest clean. My little cairn terrier comes home from winter walks filthy underneath. With the vest, I can pull it off and throw it in the wash, while Maggie stays nice and clean.

5 stars Diane Pittman •  March 5, 2015

I am so glad I ordered this! This is the perfect layer for my dog. Not too heavy not too thin. It is so warm and soft! I love that there are no velcro straps-they are perfectly simple and easy to put on. I got the marine blue, such a handsome color on my dog. My dog likes to wear the fleece, he isn’t bothered a bit and has full mobility and can run and play in them. It arrived very quickly and on a day when we are getting 9 inches of snow!

5 stars Bronwyn Moffett •  January 29, 2015

Everyone stops and asks us where we got these wonderful colors. We have red, leopard, green, and eggplant. It hasn’t been very cold here this year yet so we have only been using them when we go up to our mountain cabin and play in the snow. The purple looks gorgeous on Bobo’s black poodle coat and Millie’s blond hair is sooo…fun with the leopard! I’m not usually so fashion forward….oh,yeah, they are functional and easy to care for too. The grass green is perfect for Henry’s King Charles red coat. Fun fun fun.

5 stars Keebie •  January 18, 2015

These fleeces are unbelievable! They are thick and soft – i only wish they made fleeces for humans! The customer service is fantastic. I couldnt figure out what size i needed and they mailed me out 2 sizes to try and mail back the other. I ended up keeping both, but that is just unheard of! Cant be beat!

5 stars Cathy  •  January 10, 2015

I have been looking for some “winter wear” for my mixed breed for the last four years. This fleece vest is the best! It is easy on and off and keeps my dog warm and snug and allows him complete mobility. He loves it and so do I

5 stars Lynn •  December 26, 2014

Amazing sweater. It took us 15yrs but we have finally found the perfect sweater for our Toy Poodle. It gives her the length but is an absolutely perfect fit around her tiny little chest. So snug, she wears it 24/7. Fits perfectly under her winter coat and washes like a ribbon! I wouldn’t buy anything else now. Only downside is that it should have an opening for a leash.

5 stars Culitah •  December 20, 2014

Love this light fleece! My diva Great Dane gets chilly at night in the winter here in Duluth and this solves the problem of her waking me up to recover her when her blanket falls off. She will bring it to me to put it on when she is chilly. They are super stretchy and don’t pull out of shape after 1 wear like most knitted dog coats. I plan on getting more!

5 stars Kate •  December 9, 2014

Absolutely perfect. I love that they are sleeveless for ease of movement and that they don’t have any fasteners – it really improves the fit! I have a schnauzer/poodle mix with a pretty typical schnauzer chest and these fit him perfectly where as many “adjustable” coats either fit his chest and then hang off his waist or fit his waist and then won’t close over his chest. These are also just incredibly soft and cozy and I love the color selection. I’m sure I’ll be back for more!

5 stars Ellen •  December 5, 2014

These are soft and cozy and perfect for my Italian Greyhounds. The stretch in it makes it snug, but not tight. Ordering more today! Great customer service as well. Had to exchange to get the right size. Very happy!

5 stars Carissa •  November 10, 2014

These fleece jackets are great and easy to put on. My chihuahuas love having them on they are soft and flexible so it’s not hard for them to move around with them on. I have a couple of different colors for each of my dogs. Great product!!!!

5 stars Dawn  •  October 13, 2014

This is the best fleece pullovers we ever found. The dogs feel comfortable and warm in them without any bulk.

5 stars Miryam Halvorssen  •  May 26, 2014

I just bought one for my chihuahua on a trip with him to NYC. Found it at a doggie store on Broadway and 9th. Not only is great for a little warmth but I personally think that it gives my little Harley a feeling of security while traveling. Its great for the plane and the hotel and they are easy to pack because they are thin. I love it and I am about to purchase two more for my other dogs.

5 stars Karen Phillips •  January 4, 2014

I live in the northeast where it can be bitterly cold and that, combined with the cost of heating fuel, make this fleece the perfect clothing item for my two English Bulldogs. They wear the single layer at night to bed and the double layer to go out. I cannot say enough about the fit (difficult to find clothing for a bulldog) and the quality of make. They are washed and dried frequently and still maintain shape and color. LOVE!

5 stars Eve Downing •  November 7, 2013

These are the best little doggie sweaters ever. I had been looking for fleece with lycra in it because my pup wears his sweaters all day in the house. The lycra makes it a lot more comfy for him. It’s also super-soft. I am going to order too more–I love the colors!

5 stars Amy •  October 28, 2013

I am so glad I ordered these! I have two vizlas who get a little chilly in the winter and these are the perfect layer for them. Not too heavy not too thin. They are so warm and soft! I love that there are no velcro straps-they are perfectly simple and easy to put on. I got the grass green and the eggplant purple-both are beautiful colors. The dogs love having the coats on, they aren’t bothered a bit and they have full mobility and can run and play in them.

5 stars Julie •  October 27, 2013

We LOVE the stretch fleece “vests” for our papillon. Regular sweaters seem to be too hot, and the “velcro” on many of the jackets just does not work. Fleeece with just a bit of spandex is PERFECT. We first found these “jackets about three years ago at a small store in Blue Rdige GA. They are perfect for function and fashion. Our Gracie loves to put on her jackets.