Paws Up! Vancouver

January 17, 2018

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Goldpaw sets the Gold Standard

My yorkie, Robin, is lucky enough to have a wardrobe most HUMANS envy. I developed a love of dog fashion several years ago, before I even had a dog. In fact, subconsciously I think I may have gotten Robin JUST so I could dress him up. (He doesn't mind) But much the same as all women have that one, perfect little black dress, the staple in his closet is his little black fleece. 

Several years ago a friend was on vacation. She, much like myself, seeks out dog stores while travelling, and always gets gifts for the dogs. This particular trip, she brought back our first Gold Paw™ fleece.  I'm not even kidding, this basic, plain black fleece MADE MY LIFE!

Gold Paw™ fleeces are produced in the USA and are made of recycled polyester and 7% spandex for an AMAZING 4 way stretch. You put it on your dog with the seam facing outwards so the only thing touching your dogs skin is soft soft soft! The fleeces fit snugly over Robins body and keep him nice and warm. During the colder winter months, he has one on 24/7. Because they are so thin and lightweight, I can layer almost anything over his fleece without making him overly bulky or making him look like the Michelin Man. 

They come in a vast array of colors and can fit anywhere from 2lbs to 100lbs+. Robin is 4lbs and first the size 4 perfect in the basic fleece. In the Double Duluth he wears a size 6 as it's the smallest size available in that style, and while SLIGHTLY too big, it does the trick. :) Our collection is ever growing as the company continues to come out with different colors and patterns. 

I recommend these fleeces to everyone. Even if your dog doesn't like wearing clothes, they fit like a second skin. Any short coated dog (or cat) that needs an extra little bit of warmth will enjoy wearing a Gold Paw™ fleece!